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About Us

The Vineyard
Many vineyards are family vineyards, and Stanburn Vineyard is no different. It is not just a family operation, it is the entire family! Nelson and Elsie Stanley decided to start the vineyard in 1999. After buying land for the endeavor, they began planning the rows and varieties. Not knowing anything about what they were getting into, they both started attending seminars at Surry Community College in the viticulture program. Their daughter, Dawn Stanley Osborne, also took classes and began working in the vineyard. Their son David and his wife Tabatha came home on weekends from Charlotte to help in the vineyard.

Stanburn Vineyard began with 2.5 acres of Chardonnay by planting approximately 1250 vines, and 4 acres of Cabernet Franc with about 2050 vines. In 2004, they planted 2.5 acres of Traminette with almost 1300 vines. In 2010, they planted Barbera to add another red variety into the field. The vineyard currently yields between 45-50 tons of grapes each year, depending on needs and Mother Nature. She can be fickle!

Their son David became more involved in the day to day operations after moving back to Patrick County in 2005. Most evenings in the spring through fall seasons, you will find 6-8 of the family out in the vineyard pruning, leaf pulling, thinning, spraying, mowing, and everything else that needs to be done.

It's a family operation, but they wouldn't have it any other way.

The Winery
Stanburn Winery began with the 2009 harvest. The winery started out small, but is already expanding. Sweet wines were added in the 2010 vintage to go with what was already offered. The winery bottled 73 cases of wine from the 2009 harvest, bottled approximately 265 cases from the 2010 harvest, and about 659 cases in 2011. The 2011 harvest added more volume and also two new wines. A sweet red wine called Poorhouse and a red blend called Big A Red. Expansion is happening in both space and equipment already.

The winery name comes from both sides of the family, Stanley and Burnette. The family is a combination of these, so the name should be as well. They are excited about this new venture and ecstatic with the responses received from the wine.

Our Winemaker
Stanburn Winery is happy to have Jocelyn Kuzelka as the winemaker. She moved to Patrick County as a teenager, and moved back to the county again after college and after starting out in the wine industry in Australia. She received her bachelor's degree from Virginia Tech in Biochemistry and then received her masters of Oenology from the University of Adelaide in Australia. She is a wine consultant at many wineries and cideries in Virginia, but she is more than a consultant for Stanburn, she is the wine maker.

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